Online Zoom Audition Technique Classes

 Only $100 a month!

Focus is on Audition Technique.

In order to "Book the Room"

we will also be covering scene breakdown, auditioning on camera & selftaping.

I will send sides in advance.



(will also cover personality questions needed to book theatrical roles in general)



 I will have everyone do ALL their sides (Comedy, Drama & Commercial)  from previous weeks. They will have already learned how to break them down & gotten notes so they should be able to put their best foot forward with the Mock Audition. This will show them how well they retain & apply their notes. Everyone will have one try (purposely potentially stressful LIKE A REAL LIFE AUDITION & I will tell the class who would have booked each part and why (ignoring any specific physical traits of the character i.e. age, sex, hair color etc.) If one student “Books” All 3 roles they will receive a free 30min private (yay!)

This method really teaches the actor to "up their game", rise to the occasion & get used to the pressure of auditioning (in a safe class setting)


ADVANCED Audition Technique


Must have booked at least one of the Mock Auditions from a previous month.

available to ages 9-18

Will follow my usual class set up with additional focus on how to handle redirects.

The "LITTLES" Class Breakdown

The first 2 weeks I will play imagination & quick thinking games to keep their minds engaged. We will work on showing their personality while answering questions, building confidence & having fun! The following weeks I’ll send a commercial or/and short scene to add to the fun once they are in the swing of things!

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Group Online Class Make Up Policy

I require 24 hours notice if a client is going to miss a class. When I'm notified 24 hours in advance they can join another group class that week as long as they are working on the same script.



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